Graphite Armed Response’s main priority is to be there when you need us. Graphite Armed Response has a fleet of response vehicles on permanent patrol 24/7, manned by efficient, highly trained response officers.

The Graphite team is known for our hands-on approach to fighting crime and it is our common goal to reduce crime in our area and apprehend the criminals. Our team has been trained to respond quickly to each emergency and handle each case with the necessary efficiency and integrity. Our Reaction Officers will lead the way, ensuring that our environment and community is safe and secure. Although historically a management tool, we at Graphite Security understand the importance of monitoring high risk lines to asses the losses on a weekly basis in order to achieve a minimal loss at stocktake. It also serves to highlight risk areas/potential weaknesses in procedures and an important investigative aid.

Graphite’s armed response solutions differ significantly from any other armed security solution. We prefer community involvement whereby the community informs our armed reaction/patrol cars of any signs of suspicious activities via a community WhatsApp group, and other social media platforms. Our armed response officers act immediately to this information to keep suspicious activity out of the areas.

There are a number of ways to secure your home, however, the best way is with a reliable well designed, well maintained electronic alarm system.

We will provide a Free assessment of your property and then advise you on the best way to protect yourself. The assessment will focus on the following:

  • Determining which alarm units suits your needs.
  • Identifying the potential weak points of your property.
  • Proposing possible solutions and technological solutions to address the identified risk.