Training & Development

At Graphite Training and Development we understand the importance of employing well trained and professional Security Officers and as such have implemented strict vetting systems to make sure that the best individuals are recruited for our clients. These systems include communication and written skills tests, SAP checks, detailed background screening and in-depth interview with our Senior Operational team.

We provide Security Officers based on client specifications, keeping in mind that our solutions are only effective if they meet client needs. Our personnel are PSIRA registered and must comply with our strict standards of customer satisfaction and be well groomed and presentable.


Realizing that there is a huge demand for basic and advanced training as well as specialized training at the work place.

Training & Development

We develop employees to the benefit of themselves, the company and the community in which we operate. We recognise that a successful security company depends on constant training, communication, motivation and development of staff. We are proud of our low staff turnover, as we feel this is a positive reflection of human resources and training policies. We acknowledge and reward ability, diligence, initiative and motivation, and make sure that each Security Officer is provided with attainable growth opportunities. To achieve Preferred Supplier status, it is essential that our staff is superior not only in performance, but also in appearance.

Recruitment Procedure

The recruitment procedure is done with the aim to find the most suitable candidates to be employed within Graphite Security Solutions.

  • Creating an environment for individuals to develop to their full potential through appropriate training.
  • Our company provides on-going training and educational support to enable employees to develop to their full potential.
  • We encourage individual accountability for development and learning.
  • We have the necessary systems to ensure that effective training and development can be carried out.
  • Training and development needs are regularly identified and discussed, and appropriate action plans are implemented.
  • We develop training strategies and implement structured training programs to address needs.
  • We identify core knowledge and skills for each job to enable employees to develop accordingly.
  • We identify core knowledge and skills for each job to enable employees to develop accordingly.
  • Multi-skilling is recognised.
  • Our training facility focuses on grade specific officer training, training is undertaken on a regular basis and is on-going. Officers are constantly being updated on the latest crime prevention and reaction measures.
  • All Graphite Training and Development employees are graded, from Grade E to A, and are registered with PSIRA.
  • A job description is drawn up for each individual post, nationally. In order to provide competent security officers, customised training will be done by the Training Manager.
  • Security officers are posted once they have been custom trained as per the job specification.
  • In order to deliver a constant service level to the client, alternative security officers are trained, in the event that the security officer is unable to perform his duties.
  • Intensive training on site is maintained on the following:
    • Basic site procedure manuals
    • Basic health and safety
    • Job specific training
    • Customer care requirements
    • Fire training
    • OHS Act