Training & Development

Nurturing Excellence

Our recruitment procedure is meticulously designed to identify the most suitable candidates for employment within Graphite Security Solutions. We invest in the continuous development of our staff to provide well-trained and professional Security Officers who adhere to our strict standards of customer satisfaction.


Realizing that there is a huge demand for basic and advanced training as well as specialized training at the work place.

Training &

We develop employees to the benefit of themselves, the company and the community in which we operate. We recognise that a successful security company depends on constant training, communication, motivation and development of staff. We are proud of our low staff turnover, as we feel this is a positive reflection of human resources and training policies. We acknowledge and reward ability, diligence, initiative and motivation, and make sure that each Security Officer is provided with attainable growth opportunities. To achieve Preferred Supplier status, it is essential that our staff is superior not only in performance, but also in appearance.


The recruitment procedure is done with the aim to find the most suitable candidates to be employed within Graphite Security Solutions.